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  • Accessible mass media for the people

    BlingTV will be committed to being involved in activities are which are exciting, inspirational, challenging, of high quality while being wholly educational.

    At any one time we will have several projects underway, with several projects being evaluated and new projects being planned and set up.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    TV is open to sponsorship opportunities to sponsor individual films made and broadcast on BlingTV. Sponsoring a programme allows you to maximise your visibility to your target audience by placing a series of short credit sequences, featuring your logo and a message, in and around a programme.

    Contact us today to discuss sponsorship possibilities.

Welcome to BlingTV

BlingTV is an Internet TV Station serving the interests of Liverpool's communities. We are a new Social Enterprise established to produce and showcase high quality films and programming about Liverpool for Liverpool.

Love where you live

BlingTV is Liverpool's Community TV Station on the web. It's your chance to have a real say in your community and where it's going.

BlingTV will provide programmes of work which will be diverse, inspiring, dynamic and relevant to participants. We will work creatively with people of all ages and from all walks of life; reaching out to groups through working in partnership with a whole range of organisations and initiatives.

Contribute and get involved...

Do you have an idea for a programme? BlingTV programming is community based. If you have a story, or an issue you thinks needs to be aired let us know.

We'd love to hear from:

  • Residents of Liverpool
  • Local community groups
  • Youth organisations
  • Anyone involved in arts and creativity

Become a BlingTV partner

We are looking for organisations to work in partnership with Bling TV. There are numerous benefits in getting onboard with BlingTV at a "grass roots" level in the early stages of our development.

You will be uniquely positioned to:

  1. enjoy preferential rates on sponsorship opportunities
  2. enjoy preferential rates on individual commissions for films and TV programmes
  3. enjoy more integration into BlingTV's programming
  4. re-energise your brand and be seen as a partner organisation that cares about Liverpool's local community.

Contact us today to discuss partnership possibilities.
Real People, Real Time...keeping it...REAL!
Increasing communication and unity across the local community, while celebrating its diversity